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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pizza Hut Express NTU

Congrats on the opening of the all-new Pizza Hut Express Store at Nanyang Tech1 University (NTU)! 

The all-new express store is with a new concept of see-thru kitchen where customers can watch the staff prepares the pizza while in the queue. 

The new express store has a slightly different menu. They do not serve pasta here & they serves pizza by slice! 

A slice of Pizza is just $4 and it's slightly bigger compared to the usual slice of pizza.

 Also available
  1. Combo A {A slice of Pizza + drink} at $5
  2. Combo B {A slice of Pizza + soup + drink} at $6.20 (as shown above)
  3. Combo C {A slice of Pizza + 2 wings + drink} at $6.20
Not bad right? 

Some pictures taken with staffs from Pizza Hut while we're there to attend the opening.

For those who does not fancy pizzas, fret not cos KFC is just few steps away! Apart from the usual KFC, something exciting is brewing!

The all-new KFC Coffee is opening soon. So this is like a 3-in-1 place for pizza, finger-licking good & coffee place!

NTU peeps, what are you still waiting for? Head on to the all-new open kitchen concept Pizza Hut Express store now! 

Pizza Hut Express NTU
76 Nanyang Drive
Blk N2.1, #01-04
Singapore 617331

*This post is composed directly from Google Chrome browser on my Samsung S5. Quite tedious to do so cos I have fat thumb.. but well, not so bad. At least moving forwards, I can compose short posts while on the go =D

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ji Hye & Jaycus's Birthday

Hello, Sunday!

Up & out in the morning, heading to Angeline's place for Ji Hye & Jaycus's birthday, co-host by Eeling. Sis gotta be back at work, so I'm bringing the boys over first. 

Nice table set up by Angeline

It's Thomas & friends themed party

Homemade cuppies by Angeline

Birthday boy, Jaycus

Birthday girl, Ji Hye

Introducing few other kiddos... Ji Eun {Ji Hye's elder sister}


Daryl, my nephew

Damien, my nephew

Jayden {Jaycus's elder brother}


Davion .. This boy here used to be super anti-us, but now friendly laio =D

Kiddos =)

Eeling being co-host, is in-charge of the food & she ordered from Mei Hao 99 Catering

Homemade Kimchi by Angeline

Angeline also bought soon Soon Kueh from the market

Eeling also bought fish balls, mini sausages & mini cheesy sausages

wahaha... Monster Princess =D

Theresa also brought along Moscato

Yummmmm Seng! Cheers to our  many years of friendship =)

Non-alcholic sparkling juice drink from Angeline too

Theresa also brought Lao Hor Leng Mong (Tiger Radler) .. hahahaha

Oh, one more kiddo... Angeline's niece =)

Here comes the birthday cake! This time, Angeline made jelly cake instead of the usual cake

Birthday girl & boy

Eeling's family

Angeline's family, except that daddy is at work


Angeline & Eeling also prepared goody bags for the kiddos

What? Adults also got goody bag from Eeling =D

The boys had so much fun & super Thanks to Angeline & Eeling for the invite =)

Once again, Happy Ji Hye & Jaycus and hope the like the pressies

Mei Hao 99 Catering
Blk 15 Woodlands Loop #01-09
Woodlands East Industrial Estate Singapore 738322
Tel:6755 799