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Friday, 11 April 2014

The White Rabbit

It's Sam's birthday month & she gets to choose the venue for her birthday celebration. She choose The White Rabbit cos we didn't manage to dine there during my birthday month last yea due to a private event held at TWR

I met up with Fiona earlier at Somerset313 to buy cake for Sam & then went to meet Theresa & Janice at Parkmall to hitch a ride from Angeline

After a few wrong turns, we finally reached The White Rabbit. Yeah to Google map & an experienced driver =)

Main entrance. It was drizzling when we reach, so I didn't snap pictures of other parts of this beautifully restored chapel-tuned-restaurant

We are definitely blown away by the beautiful setting of the restaurant

Fresh breads were served after placing our orders. I wasn't very hungry, so I only took up the tomato roll, which is soft & fluffy. Butter is served on a cold plate at the side

Fiona says Eeling keeps bombing them with selfies, so we did some selfies to bomb her back while waiting for our food to be served

Sam & Fiona ordered some hot tea & it comes with a cute little short-crust rabbit 

4 of us had the set dinner menu which includes a salad, an appetizer, a main dish & a dessert while Sam & Theresa goes for ala carte

Salad Printenps - asapagrus, mango, avocado, mesclun with house dressing. I was told that they ran out of mango & will replace it with bigger portion of avocado. To my dismay, the portion of avocado is not even quarter if an avocado. As for the dressing, I couldn't really make out if there is any. It taste like it's just lightly salted.

Wagyu Carpaccio - shredded parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls, truffle cream. Wagyu almost melts in the mouth. Taste pretty good, but Janice finds it a little bland while Angeline & myself find it a little salty. 

As I just had my tooth implant, I opt for Seabass en Papillote. The original menu item offered is Grilled Atlantic Cod but it is not available. Seabass on it's own is a little bland but it pairs very well with the broth

Other items from the set menu which Angeline, Fiona & Janice chooses.

Foie Gras Duet- salt-cured with apple flan and pan seared with cherry compote. While the foie gras did impress her, she won't agree on the other. 

36-hours Brandt Short Ribs served with truffle miso glaze, parsnip purée and field mushrooms. Ribs are well marinated & tender. However, I find the portion is a little small

Sam & Theresa shared Black Truffle Roast Free-range Chicken for two. The chicken is very tender & moist. Both the girls are very pleased with their choice

Sam also ordered the English Peas w/ Crisp bacon to go with her chicken dish, but was slightly disappointed as she mentioned that the peas are a little dry & the bacon are not crispy

Theresa, on the other hand ordered the boring (only I find it boring cos I don't like cheese) Truffle Mac & Cheese & most of them says it's superb! 

Desserts ~~~~~ Dessert offered on the menu - Chocolate Moelleux & Crêpes Suzette. 

Of cos it's Chocolate Moelleux for me! Molten centre, passion fruit ice cream. Yummy-licious but the chocolate doesn't flows cos well, it's in the cup lah. Both chocolate cake & passion fruit ice cream compliments each other very well.

Theresa had White Chocolate Soufflé with Valrhona Opalys chocolate chip ice cream. Soufflé is soft & fluffy & holds the shape really well as it doesn't collapse even after we're done being paparazzi! Erm, did I mentioned paparazzi? 

Yes! We became paparazzi when the server started preparing the Crêpes Suzette at out table-side! 


Wow! I'm impressed cos you don't get to see this is most restaurants. The last time I had one such dish was at Spruce, but they only torched it when the dish is on the table.

The server is also quite nice to write a Birthday note on the plate that is being served to Sam =)

Happy Birthday, Sam! 

At this point of time, one of the guy seated at the table behind us offered to sing Sam a Birthday song & he actually got all his dinner mates (approx 10 pax) to sing together!

Then we got the server to bring out the cake we bought from Chocolate Origin for Sam (as requested, her choice of cake). We are a little shy to sing birthday song again cos the same guy asked if we wants them to sing for Sam again. We end up singing very softly & after which, we share half of the cake with them.

This is the guy who offered to lend a vocal & he's so funny cos after helping us to snap a group picture using Sam's camera, he joined in when I tried to take a selfie using my monopod & then took my monopod to show all of his dinner mates! =D

*group pix grabbed from Sam

Wah, outside toilet also quite pretty

Last picture before we call it a day. This Rabbit Hole leads to a bar!

While the ambiance & service get a thumbs up from me, I wouldn't say the say for the set menu as the portion is pretty small for the price we pay ($98++), but we'll probably be back to try the weekend brunch someday. I also wouldn't mind going back just for desserts!

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541
Tel: 9721 0536
Opening hours
Tue - Fri:
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sat - Sun:
10:30 am - 3:00 pm
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Closed on Mondays

Monday, 7 April 2014

Tooth Implant - Phase 1

If you've been reading my blog, I'm sure you remembered that I got my tooth implant on the right done back in Jun 13. Every problematic teeth on the right side is fixed, so I'm getting those problematic teeth on the left fixed! 

I went for surgery in Dec 13 to remove 1 decayed wisdom tooth & 2 broken teeth on the left. Today, I'm back for Phase 1 tooth implant for the 2 broken teeth which I removed.  

Breakfast  before dental appointment. Redeemed the Chicken Ham roll from McDonald's surprise alarm!

At the dentist, waiting to be operated! Here's a picture of the implant process.

Getting ready

Oops, a gross picture of the hole caused by removal of 2 broken teeth

After the process. Face is kind of swollen on the left, and am already feeling the pain even before the anesthetic wear off. The last time I did, the pain lasted for about a week & causes me gastric. I hope this time, the pain is not as bad. But then again, it's 2 implants this time, so the pain will be double! 

When home, the pain is getting as little bad, so I decided to take a nap, with ice pack on my face to reduce the swell

Woke up from the nap & feels slightly better, so I took a picture of the screws in my gum =D

It's still painful after the nap, but am able to get some food intake before medications. Thought of  getting the maid to cook porridge but gotta avoid hot food for the moment, so am munching on bread slowly

My companion for the next few days.

Going back on Monday evening for a review. Next stage will be 4 months later for getting mold done before crowning. 

Dental Trendz Pte Ltd
1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-16A&B 
Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 
Singapore, 648886
Tel: 6794 0788

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant

Back at Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant for dinner again cos Kogu needs to go Sennett Ave to pass David some stuffs. Again, the handsome kiddo tags along today.

Upon request from the little one, Cereal Chicken. This is one of our favorite cos the chicken is very tender & the cereal is very crunchy & not oily

As usual, stir-fried kailan which has quite strong wok-hei

Sizzling hotplate deer meat which is very tender

All-time favorite, Salted Egg Prawn. As I mentioned before, this is super yummy cos apart from the salted egg that sticks to the prawn shell, is also has lots of chunky salted egg white

Chilli Crab. Today's chilli crab is a little too spicy  & bland

Little boy finished up 3/4 plate of the cereal chicken! 

My stylo friend, Nizam. Eats crab with fork & spoon

My handsome dinner date =)

Woots~ who's the handsome biker? 

Hey Boy, put on your helmet! 

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant
Blk 56, New Upper Changi Road,
#01-1300, Singapore 461056
Phone: 6243 8337