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Monday, 29 September 2014

Purchase from Qoo10

Time for Qoo10 purchase again! This time I made a few purchases at a same time =D

Parcel #1 {4-USB Power Adapter from seller TrustStore @ $13}

The 4-USB Power Adapter that I had in the room suddenly die on me one night & the gadgets like iPad2, iPhone4S, Samsung S5 & the power bank is left half-charged. So gotta buy new one!

Parcel #2 {Charging Cables from seller ranging from $2 - $2.99}

Charging Cables for iPhone4S, iPad2, Samsung S5/ Note 3 & Micro USB

Parcel #3 {Waterproof Pouch from seller BLS_SG @ $9.90}

A bit lame lah, but yes... ... I bought waterproof pouch for my Samsung S5 I try to soak it in water for 6 hours & woots.. the piece of paper in the pouch is still dry! heehee.... no need waterproof camera when going  to the beach/ pool already.

Parcel #4 {Samsung Battery & battery Case for Note 3 from seller 1st @ $27 for a set}

Well, need to buy this cos my irritating sister lost her's @_@ 

Parcel #5 {8 Colors Nail Art Metallic Stripping Tape from seller D.Y.O.N @ $0.90 each}

Can't really see the colors clearly but it's Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Red

All the items are delivered within 2-5 working days! Pretty fast =) 

Delights from Albert Menes & Cafedirect

{Product Review}

Something arrived at my door step last month and it happens to be Violet Fig Jam and Matzo Bread from the House of Albert Menes, and Cafedirect Freeze-dried Medium Roast instant coffee.

The House of Albert Ménès was founded in 1921, famous for over 350 French fine artisan foods, made from original classic French recipes

Cafédirect is the UK’s first and largest 100% Fairtrade beverage brand. Cafédirect also has a hot beverage range that includes 100% Fairtrade tea and hot chocolate. The Medium Roast Freeze-Dried instant coffee from Cafédirect is a perfect formula of balancing the sweet and chocolaty Arabica beans from South America, with the all-rounder beans from the highlands of Central America, and the vibrant bold-bodied East African Natural Robusta coffee beans. Carefully selected for roasting to a pleasing medium 3 scale, and freeze-dried to retain its natural goodness

The Matzo Bread is an unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jews during the week-long Passover holiday.

 The Violet Fig Jam is made from carefully selected whole figs grown in Soilles-Pont in Var, south of France. The figs are peeled and cooked the rustic way by the loving hands of French artisans, in an open copper cauldron, like all other jams from the House of Albert Menes, preserving the natural taste of the whole fruit

I brought the coffee to office, just add hot water and tada~~  a cup of hot coffee for an instant pick-me-up in the office. The coffee has a pleasant aroma but as I'm not much of a coffee person, the coffee is a little too bitter for my liking when taken without sugar & creamer. The colleagues find the coffee very fragrant & smooth

The Matzo Bread has the crispiness of crackers and fragrance of toasted bread. However, it is a little bland on it's own. The jam on the other hand is quite sweet and has chunks of fig flesh in every scoop. Pairing them both makes it a very nice combination. Great fro tea breaks in office =)

Cafédirect Freeze-dried Medium Roast Instant Coffee is priced at $10.90 per 100g jar and is available at major supermarkets like Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, Giant Hyper, Jasons and Market Place while The Violet Fig Jam ($18) and the Matzo Bread ($9) are sold at Market Place at Paragon, Raffles City and Tanglin Mall, Jasons the Gourmet Grocer @ ION Orchard and Sentosa Quayside as well as Robinsons Orchard

Thanks Mileage Communications for the for sending over the yummy delights!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

SYNC Korean Fushion Bistro

Yet another impromptu dinner with Ivy last Friday, and so I suggested SYNC Korean Fushion Bistro after seeing several posting of theie lava cake on Instagram

Apart from restaurant, there is also an al fresco bar

The restaurant is already almost full on a Friday evening & this is the only table left but we reckon that it will not be comfortable, so we choose to dine at the high table

Ivy had Honey Citron while I had Pink Grapefruit Soda, which I find it a little too sweet. 

We requested for ice water but were told that ice water will be charged at $0.50 for a glass half this size & it's non-refillable, so we rather not have it. 

Instead of having one main dish each, we decide to order only one main dish plus few side dishes for sharing

Pancake is one-for-one if you make your payment using DBS/POSB cards, so we took both Kimchi & Seafood Pancake. Crispy & yummy but too thin & small =D

Doenjang Jjigae (Tofu Soup) which somehow taste exactly like miso soup

Tuikim Mandu (Chicken Dumpling); crispy on the outside, tender & juicy meat inside

Yangnyeom Tongdak (Winglet), also crispy on the outside yet very tender. Sauce is a nice mix between sweet & spicy

Jap Chae (Tang Hoon) with additional chicken is the only main dish that we ordered. Yums

Wefie before we dig in =)

And so yes.... this is the main reason why we're here! Lava Cakes ~~ 

My choice - White Chocolate with Yam. Sadly, the yam lava is already almost fully flown out when it was being served to me, thus not much of the flowing effect when I dig in. However, it was very yummy! Pair it with the yam ice cream, marvelous!

Ivy's Matcha Addiction with vanilla ice cream. Check out the match lava flowing out here & she is very satisfied with her choice, saying that finally she found a decent matcha dessert

Although service is a little slow probably due to down of staff, we won't mind coming back again, especially for the lava cake!

SYNC Korean Fushion Bistro
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
#03-01 (S) 608532
Tel: 6369 9913
Opeating Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11 am – 11 pm
Fri, Sat: 11 am - 12 mn