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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Parcels from Qoo10

Heeheehee... more stuffs from Qoo10 cos am looking for some other Christmas presents, but ended up buying nonsense stuffs & only 1 item is for Christmas present =D
First seller: Charismat2796 ~ Double Eyelid tape with eyelinerThese are ranging for $2 - $2.20 for about 32 - 60 pieces. I didn't really check the exact quantity cos I ordered 2 types but one of it the quantity is not enough. Thus, I told the seller to replace it with item with equivalent value 
Bought these for the voodoos cos some of them keeps saying that they do not know how to master drawing of eye liner. 
Second Seller: DYON ~ French Nail Tip Guides ~ $1 for pack of 2x48pieces (3 designs)
Been looking around shops like Aries, but found nothing & I finally found these at Qoo10. I ordered these not for french nail tip guide but more for patterns 
Third seller: ACuteStreet ~ Lots of Post-it note! ~ Ranging from $1.10 - $1.20Haha... U must be thinking why buy post-it note right? Cos I was told long ago that post-it note in the company's stationery requisition is only for finance department. Don't ask me why cos I didn't ask. But since I use a lot of post-it note, I buy my own. However, those 3M ones are too boring. Thus, I bought these cuter ones so I can be in a happier state of mind when looking at it=D Fourth Seller: AOPhoto ~ Clip On Universal 3-in-1 Fisheye, Wide Angle & Macro Lens ~ $9.80*My! The last time I bought my very first, it cost like $39.90 & it only works on iPhone. The 2nd one I bought, is like $19.90!Cos the one I had is too flimsy to be clipped onto my Samsung phone; especially for rear camera. This is pretty good as the clip is more stable; especially for rear window on my S5, which is right at the cornerLastly: Innohom ~ Monkey Nail Dryer ~ $9I hope this works cos I usually paints my nails at 9 pm & it got smudge when I go shower/ sleep
Well, that's about it for the time being. Still have not found really anything suitable for the voodoos. Probably go look for some other stuffs to add on top of the double eyelid sticker with eye liner

The Heart Stuff - Customize your own Passport covers!

I was looking for some customize gifts for Christmas gifts & I came across The Heart Stuff. After going through the website, I decided to customize passport covers for the friends & family since everyone I knows holds a passport =D
*screenshot from theheartstuff
The website has a very detailed instructions on step-by-step ordering. As the orders are done by batches, do take note of the closing date for each batch. 
The parcel came just on time for me to meet my bffs!Woots ~ The amount of passport covers & notebooks which I've orderedFor kor's familySis's family. As sis is using LV passport cover & Daryl's using his favorite cartoon passport cover, I allow them to choose something else & they choose notebookThe ATeam. I didn't get it for the whole team cos I don't quite meet up with the other 3The Evil Sisters + WendyThe bffs + buddy. The bffs had the same charm =)But seriously, I did one for myself for the fun of it cos I feels that my "European Passport" is still working fine for the past 19 years & I think it looks prettier than the one I just customized =DThe colleagues also asked to help them place orderSis also asked me to help her order notebook for her bffs cos all of them are using branded passport covers & would prefer thisI also customized an envelope wallet but had to settle on black cos the rest of the colors are quite boring. I was expecting it to come with only 1 pocket, but it came with 2 pockets. Looks like I'll probably use it for something else instead of holding $ cos I wanted to get a wallet/wristlet with odd number of pockets
The charm on my envelope wallet & 2 of the charms on the notebook is loose, I'll just use some superglue on the loosen charms so that it won't dropped off. I am overall quite satisfied with the items although there's some hiccups along the way. Will probably look thru & get other items in the next couple of months. Would be nice if they add on new items like tote bag!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Daryl's 8th Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday, Daryl! 

Yes, the nephew's & my birthday is just one day apart
So his breakfast is also meesuah. I also 'recycled' my talking speck for him to take picture with it

Since I had soupy meesuah the day before, the maid fried meesuah for me
After breakfast, sis get the birthday boy to pick some numbers =D
The I started my shift for "maid" duties
Asked the birthday boy to help clean up pool table since he has invited his friends over for a game or two. But,... the more he help, the busier I become
Thus, I asked him to back & remain as prince
I ended up clearing it by myself
Here's part of the dusts I accumulated 
All he does is put the balls out
And the mess in the living room, with Spiderman sleeping on the floor
Catered mini buffet from MeiHao99
Sis also bought additional donuts from Dunkin' Donuts
Don't ask me what's with this picture arh.. this is sis's lunch!
I decided to move the armchairs around to make space for the kids to play pool, and check out the amount of space available!
and yes.. your eyes are not playing trick on you. That's a life-size Spiderman beanie that weighs around 12 kg (according to Daryl)
Damien fooling around with his grandpa's magnifying glass =D 
Hungry boy munching on the food!
Kor's family the first to arrive
Nathan trying his hands on pool
Then the bigger boys, immediately hit the Play Station
While small boy plays with toys
All the boys lazying around playing game
BIL's brother came with his 2 girls & the younger boys decide to play with them

The kiddos then move to the pool table. And instead of hitting the balls into the pocket, they rolled the balls into it =D
We waited from 2 pm till 6 pm & still no sight of Daryl's friends. Not sure if the last min change of date Daryl made last week or the parents of the friends forgot or the parents just didn't want to bring the kids over! Anyway, since non of his friends turned up at 6 pm, we went ahead to cut the cake
Daryl very much wanted Spiderman from Breadtalk. Thus, when I called on Friday (12 Dec 14) enquiring if I can still place an order for Sunday (14 Dec 14), I was that the company is no longer producing Spiderman cake as it is Christmas season & they are only focusing on Christmas themed/ Logcakes. Asked why is the advert still on the company's website, the answer I get is "Oh, the website is slow in updating" 
Then why the heck is the advert still not taken down when the company has already stopped producing it way before?! Even as I typing this post, the advert is still on the website! What nonsense?! 

Anyway, fine! BreadTalk is not the only bakery around.

~~ Btw, I dropped a Facebook message to Breadtalk on Friday (12 Dec 14) & they responded today (17 Dec 14) mentioning that the cake will only be available again in end of Dec 14, and would like to send me something which I can use it to purchase (like voucher maybe?) from now till Mar'15
*updated on 17 Dec 14

~~ I must say, while I appreciate the service recovery rendered by Breadtalk, getting something back in return is not my intention of the feedback. Thus, I've already decline the offer; in case people thinks that I am out to ask for something in return of me feedback. 
*updated on 17 Dec 14

Sis went Swensen's & bought an ice cream cake which the kids totally enjoys it! No regrets on not having the Spiderman cake.Snap with yeyeThe cousinsContinue playing... Small boy & Spiderman =DSis's friends pop-by tooRyan making himself at home =DGreedy dog aiming at the food in sis's handThe presents

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Opening hours: 10.30 am - 10.30 pm

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