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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Polling Agent for the day

Polling agents for the day? No, it's customer's year end stock take!
This time round, I am assigned to be out at the warehouse as controller. How? looks like polling agent or not? =D
My "polling agent" partners for today
Water for the customers. Don't play play arh, it's Agility brand hor! =)
Safety harness, getting ready for customerTime to start work!
Hoho, and of cos... ... lunch after stock take is being catered from Delihub Catering again! 
Fruits SaladPineapple RiceDeli Chap ChyeSweet & Sour FishButtered PrawnsChicken Ngoh HiangSignature Curry ChickenSalad You TiaoEclairLunch time! 
Back to work after lunch, and Happy Weekend peeps!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Diwali | ATeam's Yearly Affair

Halow everybody, it's time for our ATeam's Diwali gathering at the ATeam HQ! Again, as patti is no feeling well, Kpgu is trying his hands on patti's signature dish - sambal chicken. 
The amount of chicken he's preparing!Cooking the sambal for the first time.Tested the sambal; a little too sweet and not spicy as patti's. Angela, "maria" for the day. As usual, she is being asked to go early for frying chicken wingsKeeren says she fries the best chicken wingsJust as Diwali, tatta cooked briyani, mutton curry & the cucumber yogurt saladDavid & Liana, my sec sch mates were invited cos he's now the new buddy of KoguBoth are full of praises for tatta's mutton curry. Haha, obviously they have not tried patti's =DKeeren enjoying the chicken wingsTypical Indian food for the 2nd time this weekSadly, the ATeam's attendance is getting very weak. Looks like the next full attendance will have to be the next wedding or next baby shower/ kiddo's birthday.Rian in the house, playing with Kogu's nieceThen the little boy having fun in the dinosaur eggMahjong time! it's been awhile5 mins break from mahjong, we spring a little surprise for Angela, whose birthday is coming in 2 day's time. She doesn't believes that we (or rather, me) bought her a cake cos I told them I forgot to bring wallet when I leave the house in the morning!
Yes, that's what really happens! I forgot to bring wallet when I leave the house in the morning to meet the Voodoos for lunch & had to take $50 cash from Ivy while I did a transfer to her. 

Then I had to go & find a cake that is below $30 cos I need to make sure I have at least $20 for cab fare home. And so after going to 5 bakery, I finally find a bigger sized Mango cake from Bengawan Solo that is less than $30 =D
For the first time we held a mini celebration for Angela, but someone else is thinking that he is the birthday boyHappy birthday, Angela & may your dreams comes true!Someone enjoying the cake at 11.30 pm! 
Wokay, continue mahjong! 

Meanwhile, good night peeps! 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Osia Bar & Restaurant | Ivy's Birthday

It's been awhile since we met up for lunch feasting on weekend. Thus, using Ivy's birthday as an excuse, we went for Long Sunday Lunch at Osia Bar & Restaurant, Resorts World Sentosa

Myself & Ivy reached on time & so we started off with Stone Hearth Flat Bread while waiting for the rest to arrive. Crispy yet soft, sesame seeds makes it very fragrant.
Bircher Muesli - berries, apples & nuts in yogurt. Personally not a fan of oats in yogurt but this taste pretty good.

Mesclun Greens  with Cold Smoked Salmon, Parmesan & Trio Citrus Vinaigrette gives the salad a tangy taste

Beetroot with acacia honey, greek feta, garlic & arugula. 

Freshly shucked oysters (3 pieces each person)

All items are refillable except for the oysters. I personally love the flat bread. 

Group picture before our main dish

Some pass-around snacks before main dish is being served. These are also refillable. Firstly, green pea soup with parmesan form. Too cheese for me, so I didn't finish it

Mozzarella Cheese Stick with Tomato Puree. Again, I didn't try this cos I don't take cheese, but the girls loves this.

Beef Short Ribs is good as it's very tender. Sauce is a tad sweet but goes well with the beef

Can't remember the name for this, but it was some rice with broccoli & cauliflower bits on top. Taste pretty interesting. I love the crunchy vegetable bits.

Foie Gras with apple jam. This is one of the best pass-around snack cos most of us asked for refill a couple of times

BBQ Chicken with corn dressing. 
Main dish is Brayon Bay Pork Jowl for myself. Pork is tender & it almost melts in the mouth!

While the rest had Baby Barramundi. I didn't try this but the girls if full of praise for it

Desserts includes Hot Chocolate Soup, Vanilla Ice Cream, Matcha Financier, Berry Yogurt Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Nut Scone & Black Sesme Pudding. All desserts are also refillable
I also requested a slice of cake, and it was Matcha Cheesecake which Ivy loves it to the max

The many group picture follows =)

Happy Birthday, Ivy & may all your wishes come true

The Hot Chocolate Soup is good and so we (or rather, me) asked for more servings

Check out the chocolate soup!

Restroom also so pretty =D
Cass left as she was meeting WW, so we hang around in the restaurant before we leave. The girls left for Vivo while  I head out to ATeam's HQ
Once again, happy birthday Ivy!

Osia Bar & Restaurant
Resorts World at Sentosa 
26 Sentosa Gateway 
Singapore 098139
Tel: 6577 6560